Marco Arana, un héroe ambiental, por la revista TIME

Con el título de "Heroes of the Environment 2009" (Héroes del Medio Ambiente 2009) la mundialmente conocida revista TIME, señala al Padre Marco Arana como líder defensor de los derechos humanos de los campesinos y del Medio Ambiente en Perú:
"The practice of leaching gold and silver from rock by dousing it with cyanide damages the ecosystem and displaces the farms that provide more sustainable jobs. "I am not antimining," Arana insists, "but we need to find a balance that meets the population's needs while satisfying socio-environmental conditions. Environmental problems go hand in hand with economic and social problems."
"His willingness to compromise has won grudging respect from the Peruvian government, which has called upon Arana to help defuse violent mining disputes in the country. But he has also won enemies. In 2006, while battling a proposed expansion of the Yanacocha mine, Arana and colleagues were the subjects of a shadowy campaign of surveillance and intimidation, conducted by a private security company, called Operation Devil".
Y culmina con un dato interesante:

"We have stopped using gold objects in our parish. God should not be worshipped with products that cause suffering and destroy nature". — Marco Arana

TIP VERDE "Hemos dejado el utilizar objetos de oro en nuestra parroquia. Dios no debe ser adorado con los productos que causan el sufrimiento y destruyen la naturaleza". - Marco Arana

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